Dear Friends,

We regret to announce that the 2020 Synergy Summit has been cancelled.

Over the past two weeks, visionSynergy has considered whether or not to continue with the Synergy Summit in light of the rapidly evolving global situation with the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Our goal was to avoid fearful overreactions, seek the input of all our stakeholders, and try to make the best decision we can make with the information we have at this time.

We made this decision based on much prayer, a survey to currently registered Summit participants, input from our board and Summit partners, many discussions among our team, and conversations with the event venue.

In making this decision, we were presented with two challenges:

  1. There were general uncertainties even among health experts as well as growing concerns from our participants and other stakeholders about potential travel and community health impacts from the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

  2. There was an urgency to make a decision quickly, since our conference was scheduled less than three months away and many more attendees would be purchasing tickets soon.

While there are still many uncertainties about the global travel and health situation over the next few months, several things became very clear during our evaluation process:

  1. With participants coming from more than 30 different countries, there would be travel impacts for many if not most participants (fewer direct flight routes; screenings and quarantines; and increased costs due to delayed ticket purchases, refundable tickets, travel insurance, etc.). We care about our colleagues and friends and do not want to expose them to unnecessary risks or increased burdens of difficult travel and additional expenses.

  2. We could expect a substantially smaller number of participants at the conference than originally planned (assuming there were no travel bans or other issues in Malaysia). Less than half of all currently registered participants who responded to our survey said they definitely planned to attend at this point. A significantly reduced Summit would potentially reduce the value of the event for participants.

  3. The Summit represents a large financial and staff investment for our ministry and we want to be wise stewards of those resources. Continuing with the Summit would increase our financial risk and would increase the administrative and logistical burden on our support team to plan for and mitigate travel and health related issues.

These factors all weighed heavily into our decision to cancel the Summit.

We will contact all currently registered participants and those approved for travel scholarships about refunds and next steps.

We are definitely planning to reinvest Summit resources into alternative opportunities which we will pursue in the coming months. These may include hosting a virtual conference, partnering with regional leaders to host smaller regional events, or a number of other activities that have the potential to advance the global collaboration movement and equip mission network leaders.

We hope you will consider joining with us in these alternative events and activities where there is a mutual opportunity for collaboration and Kingdom impact.

Together for the Gospel,

Kärin Butler Primuth
CEO, visionSynergy

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