Building and Sustaining Networks
in a Season of Change

Greetings Mission Network Leaders!

While we had to cancel the 2020 Synergy Summit conference, we are excited to invite you to a series of free online workshops over the next six months. These workshops will focus on building and sustaining momentum for Great Commission collaboration, especially in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We are in challenging times. The global news may present a message of hopelessness, but those who follow Christ know there is a more significant story. We are convinced that God is uniting the global Church and calling us to collaborate in new ways as “salt and light” in the world. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads from country to country, it is revealing the fragility of our world systems, but it is also showing us how interconnected we really are and how desperately we need each other.

Collaboration is often born out of crisis, when we face obstacles and challenges beyond the capability of any single ministry, and we realize that we can do more together than we could ever accomplish alone. There is no greater need for collaboration than now!

This series of Synergy Summit workshops will equip you to build and sustain mission networks that are adaptable, resilient, and effective – whether your network is focused at the global, regional, national, or local level.

Each workshop will be a Zoom-based, interactive, two-hour session that will enable you to:

  • Connect with and learn from a global community of mission network leaders
  • Be inspired by stories of God at work through collaboration and partnership
  • Strengthen your sense of calling, conviction, and vision for Great Commission collaboration
  • Learn new leadership skills and best practices that can benefit your network
  • Gain practical tools to navigate this season of change and uncertainty
  • Prayerfully engage with other network leaders around current challenges

These workshops will be supported by group-chat discussions and practical workshop resources.

These are invitation-only events limited to 300 people per workshop. Invitations are going out to hundreds of leaders from more than 50 countries.

Please register today and join us for this workshop series!

Workshop 1:
Leading Your Network in Uncertain Times

Thursday, April 30 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

Your network had a plan for 2020. Then COVID-19 came along and disrupted those plans. How will you and your network adapt? How are you discerning God’s leading as a network during this time? What are your leadership priorities? Together with other network leaders, we will discuss how to lead networks during uncertain times, highlight critical network priorities and exchange ideas on ways network leadership teams can take action even when many are on lockdown.

Workshop 2:
Designing Effective Virtual Network Consultations and Events

Thursday, May 21 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

You have had to reschedule your annual network consultation or annual meeting. Now you want to hold it virtually. What does it take to do this well? Join this workshop to learn how to move your network vision forward by developing an effective virtual meeting agenda and creatively involving your network participants. We will also look at several web-based meeting tools that can enhance your meeting experience.

Workshop 3:
Taking Your Network to the Next Stage

Thursday, June 18 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

Networks develop in three main stages: Exploration, Formation, and Operation. Each stage has its own unique goals, activities, pitfalls, and success factors. Join network leaders whose network is in the same stage of development. Identify key activities and priorities, hear stories of how God is at work in every stage of a network’s development, and brainstorm how you can move your network’s vision forward during this time.

Workshop 4:
Mobilizing Your Network for Kingdom Impact

Thursday, July 23 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

The ability of a network to achieve its goals is determined in large part by how well the network can mobilize its members and partners. In this workshop, you will hear a panel of network leaders share practical steps that network leaders can take to more effectively connect, engage, and mobilize their network members. Participants will also have a chance to help create a list of effective member engagement practices.

Workshop 5:
Resourcing Your Network’s Collaborative Efforts

Thursday, August 20 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

Many networks struggle to raise the resources needed to achieve their goals. This is becoming an even greater challenge in a world disrupted by the current global pandemic. In this workshop, we will talk about how to share your network’s vision, how to communicate the value of collaborative work, and several network fundraising strategies.

Workshop 6:
Six Global Trends Impacting Networks

Thursday, September 17 | 6am-8am PDT | Convert to your local time

Networks are facing a rapidly changing and highly interconnected world. In this session, we invite you to join us for a look at six major trends that are impacting networks and collaborative Kingdom efforts:

  • The Rise of New Collaboration and Communication Technologies
  • Engaging Younger Generations, Women, and Majority World Leaders
  • The Pressing Need for Effective City Reaching Networks
  • The Emergence of Local and Regional Movement Networks
  • Networks in an age of Persecution and Surveillance
  • Reaching the Diaspora: Networks in a World on the Move